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Notice on the Second List of Approved Pre-shipment Inspection Agencies for Imported Solid Waste as Raw Materials

Notice on the Second List of Approved Pre-shipment Inspection Agencies for Imported Solid Waste as Raw Materials

According to the Measures for Supervision and Administration of the Inspection and Quarantine of the Import of Solid Waste That can be used as Raw Materials and Detailed Rules for Pre-shipment Inspection for Imported Solid Waste as Raw Materials, the second list of approved pre-shipment inspection agencies for imported solid waste as raw materials (see annex) is published. Annex: The


Notice on adjusting the Catalogue of Imported Waste Management

In order to further standardize the import management of solid waste and prevent environmental pollution, according to Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Solid Waste, Solid Waste Import Management and relevant laws and regulations, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, the

Control Stardards of Import Scrap Metals

Regarding to China released a Draft of Environmental Protection Control Standards for Importing Solid Waste as Raw Materials on 10th August, CMRA hosted a symposium in the morning of 22th August at CMRA office in Beijing, China. Mr. Wang Jiwei, Vice President and Secretary General of CMRA chaired the meeting. At the beginning, Mr. Wang


Tianjin Jinghai

the Environmental Protection Agency of the city acompanied by the Environmental Protection Agency of Jinghai county, garden management committee of environmental protection industry of State Taxation Bureau, Ziya, held the working conference about management standardized. The meeting notified the examine result made by State General Bureau of Environmental Protection about the the waste electric apparatus


Suzhou Taicang

The Taicang Harbor Import Processing District Of Regenerated Resources in Jiangsu (hereafter referred to as the Processing District) is developed and constructed by the Taicang Municipal Government, and is ordered as the fixed manage district of “import waste processing” by State General Bureau of Environmental Protection. The processing district is located inthe floating town of


Shandong Linyi

In the Linyi metal industry garden, the penman finds another scene. The cleanlily reclaim yards, line on line, can provide ample operation field for 500 metal reclaim traders. Located in the junction of Jiangsu, Shandong and Henan, connecting the Northern and the Eastern, Linyi is a crucial hinge. It mainly recycles the domestic metalscrap, engaging


Ningbo Zhenhai

Located in the harbor of Zhenhai of Ningbo, Ningbo Regeneration Metal Resources Processing Garden is a logistics garden set up by government of Zhenhai of Ningbo. The total planning area in the garden is 200 hectares, green land is 66 hectares among them, accounting for 33%, 32 hectares in the boundaryriver and road area, 102


Jiangsu Dainan

The south stainless steel market of Xinghua city, abuts on the Class I Highway in the east, adjoins the Jinyan expressway in the west, enjoys a superior geographical position, so the land and water transportation is very convenient. There are more than 1000 stainless steel raw materials major dealers now in the whole town, ”


Hunan Miluo

The market of renewable resources in Miluo City is of long standing. In the middle-term of 1990s, the number of laborer who are engaged in renewable resources recycling amounts to 5000 in Miluo City, especially in the xinshi, Gupei, outskirts and so on. Centered by xinshi, and extending along the New Main Street, it forms


Henan Changge

The Henan Changge non-ferrous metal regeneration processing industry is rapidly growing up Dazhou town in Changge city, the well-known biggest(mainly recycles domestic metalscrap) non-ferrous metal distribution place, by mnearly 20 years’ development, has had nearly 500 households, more than 30000 people engaging in the non-ferrous metalscrap recycling at present. Even as small as a bowl,