Summary Of 11th Batch Of Quota List Of Solid Waste Restricted To Import Of Solid Waste Restricted To Import

On August 14th, 2019, Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center announced 11th batch of quota list of solid waste restricted to import, approving a total of 480,430 tons, including 87,680 tons of copper scrap, 11,290 tons of aluminum scrap, 381,060 tons of scrap paper and 400 tons of scrap ferrous.1Copper Scrap

The import volume of copper scrap was 87,680 tons, accounting for 18% of the total approved imports.1,500 tons of copper scrap were for processing trade, 86,180 tons of copper scrap were for general trade.

Total 35 enterprises got approval, 2 of which were from Tianjin city, 1 from Hebei province, 3 from Zhejiang province, 2 from Anhui province, 3 from Jiangxi province, 2 from Shandong province, 19 from Guangdong province and 3 from Guangxi province, the import volume of enterprises from Guangdong province accounting for 59.7% of the total approved imports.

2Aluminum Scrap

The import volume of aluminum scrap was 11,290 tons, accounting for 3% of the total approved imports.

Total 13 enterprises got approval, only one is from Hebei provice(160 tons), the other are from Guangdong province. There were three enterprises with imports of more than 10,000 tons, with a total of 8,480 tons.Others

Total 11 enterprises obtained copper scrap and aluminum scrap approval.