Summary of 12th Batch of Quota List of Solid Waste Restricted to Import of Solid Waste Restricted to Import

On September 23th, 2019, Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center announced 12th batch of quota list of solid waste restricted to import, approving a total of 184,630 tons, including 31,658 tons of copper scrap, 32,940 tons of aluminum scrap, 118,262 tons of scrap paper and 1,770 tons of scrap ferrous. I. Copper Scrap In the 12th batch of quota list, total approved imports of copper



The Biggest Aluminum Section Bar Base in Southwest China

On August 28th, 2014, the project of industrial and construction section bar with an annual output of 200,000 tons solemnly started at Sunlight Aluminum Co., Ltd in Sichuan Ganmei Industrial Park with a total investment of 4 billion RMB, a covering area of 2000 mu and a construction period of 3 years. 12 casting production



CMRA News Express-September

Market: [Imports of Scrap Aluminum Fell to 143,000 Tons in July] According to the latest Customs data, the imports of scrap aluminum fell to 143,000 tons in July, decreased by 21.5% month-on-month and a drop of 39,000 tons, increased by 17.9% and an increase of 21,000 tons. CMRA Works: [The Thirty-three Meeting of The Chinese-Finnish