Suzhou Taicang


The Taicang Harbor Import Processing District Of Regenerated Resources in Jiangsu (hereafter referred to as the Processing District) is developed and constructed by the Taicang Municipal Government, and is ordered as the fixed manage district of “import waste processing” by State General Bureau of Environmental Protection. The processing district is located inthe floating town of Taicang city in Jiangsu province. The floating bridge lies in the Northeastern corner of Taicang, rests the head on the Changjiang River in the east , faces each other across the river with the mouth of Chongming Island , Wusong, linked with the national road 204 and the yanjiang expressway in the west, the north Boarded by Changshu, and the hufuhuang highway runs through the whole area. As the center area in Taichang harbour, it has been lain great stress on by Jiangsu province, it is also the fixed demonstration town of “import waste processing” designated by State General Bureau of Environmental Protection. With the Seven Pu, Yang Lin, tributary of Changjiang River,wave harbour traversing the whole town, the transportation is very convenient, the river dyke water front reaches 9km, The whole area is 144 sq. km, and otal population 7. 650,000.

Industry regards light industry, electromechanics, chemical industry, building materials, textile as the domination, especially make moulding the leading industry, and the television plastic shell accounts for 45% of the country’s shell market, so it’s the qualified moulding town. Agriculture is famous for producing the rice, cotton, oil. The infrastructure of town is maturity, the commerce, bank, post and telecommunications, electricity, hotel in the center of the town are well equipped and serve well.

The recyclying district for regenerating resoures that is forming is a new developing characteristic industry in our country.This district is the few characteristic districts in the whole country. It lies in the harbour development area of the Taicang heavy industrial planning district, and the first-phase planning area is 4. 4 sq. km., long-term planning area is 10 sq. km. The east and the west was devided by hufuhuang highway to developing area and starting area. The project relies mainly on importing and processing synthetically the steelscrap, nonferrous metalscrap, plasticscrap and other such regenerated resources as rare precious metal, etc.

Since attracting foreign investment formally in June of 2001, more than 30 enterprises of investors from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc enter the district, The total investment is up to 0.5 billion U.S.dollars, and 132 hectares land is leased. It strives to introduce international recycled resources processing and utilize famous enterprises and big consortium to make the investment in a more cost-effective manner, so as to shape the production scale of more than 500,000 tons of recycled plastics and more than 1 million tons of nonferrous metals raw materials per year, and form the new-type characteristic developing area, of which the annual sales exceed 100 billion and the tax revenue exceeds a hundred million, and raw material supply foundation.So as to remedy the domestic resources insufficiency, promote domestic integral level of the resoures recycle and utilization, promote the industrial economy to develop in harmony and makecontributions continuously, promote the development of economy of the Changjiang Delta.