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How to join


  1. Understand the requirements of joining VIP Club and contact CMRA overseas commissioner for the application;
  2. Fill in CMRA VIP Club application form and fax/email/post the finished copy to CMRA, together with the brief introduction to your organization, a copy of your business license, 3 photographs of your office, and 3 photographs of your yards;
  3. Pay the US $1,000 annual membership dues for joining VIP Club;
  4. After CMRA received your application materials and annual VIP membership fee, please cooperate with CMRA overseas commissioner to finish the application. CMRA will award a crystal medal and a “China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Recycling Metal Branch VIP Club Membership” certificate. Probation for 6 months since the date of joining.
  5. If CMRA receives more than 2 times of reports on trading disputes between you and Chinese enterprises, your qualification of VIP Club membership will be considered canceled.

Application Form New(Click to download)