Hunan Miluo


The market of renewable resources in Miluo City is of long standing. In the middle-term of 1990s, the number of laborer who are engaged in renewable resources recycling amounts to 5000 in Miluo City, especially in the xinshi, Gupei, outskirts and so on. Centered by xinshi, and extending along the New Main Street, it forms a zone of purchaseing and processing that occupies nealy 2000 acre. Now it is namable as well as Wuchuan in Guangdong and Baoding in Hebei, and has been listed as one of the biggest waster market. Middle South renewable resources exchanging market is situated in Xinshi of Miluo. It is about 50000 sq.m and it’s the biggest one in 5 provinces of the Middle South, where The number of operators has beyond 2000, and the laborers beyond 30000. They can be found in almost 90% districts or city. They purchase and classify kinds of discarded material, then send them to the processing industries all over the country. The dealing quantity can reach over 800,000 T, and the turnover over ¥2,000,000,000 every year.

The processing industry in Miluo City now give priority to extensive processing. They often use reverberator and cupola to melt to ingot, then sell to Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hebei, Henan and so on. The purchasing and processing of aluminium scrap develops rapidly, it has became the distributing center of over 20 provinces and cities such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hubei, Sichuang and Hainan. Currently the industry has formed two features: First, the suppl is sufficient. There are nearly 10,000 people from Miluo purchasing in every large-scale and medium-sized city around the country, so the nationwide purchasing network comes into being. Through these branch, aluminium scrap is sent back to Miluo continuously, and then send to other places after sort and simply packing or basically processing. Bargaining quantity of aluminium scrap isabout 8,000T every month, among which cast aluminium is 5,000T, and wrought aluminium is 3,000T. There are over 100 operators in the whole City, over 20 operators engaging in melting and processing aluminium scrap, 10 operators of which is in large scale. The whole city can smelt 5,000T ingot every month on average; The second, the price is low; The third, the processing method is extensive, and the added value is not high.The industry of aluminium scrap in Miluo City came through a long time, but the producing and processing still stayes in low level, most of the aluminium scrap are simply sorted here and then enter the trade market, few of them is melted with reverberator and cupola, then cranked out to nonstandard alloy for sell. But hardly any operator engages in finish machining, consequently the industry chain is limited and the added value accordingly low.