2018 CMRA Annual Convention Held Successfully


From November 7th to 9th, 2018 CMRA Annual Convention, hosted by CNIA and sponsored by CMRA, were held in Guangzhou. At the same time, CMRA and the China-ASEAN Environmental Protection Center also jointly organized capacity-building activities for industrial pollution control and resource recycling.

Resource Saving and Environmental Protection Department, National Development and Reform Commission, the China-ASEAN Environmental Protection Cooperation Center, Department of Operation, General Administration of Customs, Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences of Ministry of Finance, CNIA, as well as BIR, ISRI, BMR and other 39 countries related government departments, industry organizations and business leaders gathered with nearly 1200 people to discuss the development of global recycling nonferrous metals industry.

In his speech, the president of the CNIA, Mr. Chen Quanxun, said: speeding up the recycling of nonferrous metals will be the key to cracking the bottleneck of resources and environmental development, and has an irreplaceable role in promoting the sustainable and healthy development of China’s nonferrous metals industry. China has always attached great importance to the development of the recycling metals industry, listed the recycling metals industry as a strategic new industry of energy conservation and environmental protection, in the “12th Five-Year Plan”, “13th Five-Year Plan” of nonferrous metals industry, which has clearly put forward the active development of recycling metals utilization, and promoting the steady and rapid development of the industry. In 2017, China’s recycling nonferrous metals production reached 13.75 million tons, accounting for one-fourth of 10 kinds of nonferrous metals production, the growth rate exceeded the growth rate of primary metals, and several large backbone enterprises began to enter the field of recycling metals, upstream and downstream industry coupling development speed is also accelerating. Predictably, the use of recycling nonferrous metals will play a more important role in China’s nonferrous metals supply chain in the future.

In the keynote report of “Expanding international capacity cooperation to promote the high quality development of recycling metals industry”, the Deputy Director of Resource Saving and Environmental Protection Department, NDRC, Ms. Ma Rong pointed out: promoting high quality growth is the fundamental requirement of defining development ideas, formulating economic policies and implementing macro-control at present and in the future. Recycling metals industry should strengthen scientific and technological innovation, model innovation, reform and innovation to lead the industry high-quality development. Encouraging domestic enterprises to actively go out, carry out mode output and green output, improving the awareness of Chinese brands. She suggested that we should grasp the opportunities of international capacity cooperation, practice the concept of green development, rationalize the layout, make full use of two markets and two resources at home and abroad, adhere to systematic thinking, ensure that industry cultivation and development are compatible with local needs, and successfully realize international transformation.

2018 CMRA Annual Convention was based on the theme of “New Era, New Development, New future”, integrating policy analysis, product display, technology exchange, equipment promotion, investment and financing negotiations as one. During the two and a half days of exhibition, many participants said that the current annual convention has grasped the new trend, embodied a new vision, put forward new measures, displayed new ideas. It was targeted, this platform role appeared, and achieved fruitful results.

I. Internationalization opens a new era of cooperation

The CMRA Annual Convention in the first preparation had been clearly positioned as an international platform for exchanges and cooperation, the high degree of internationalization, and the scope of participation of this convention had become the most. Participants from 39 countries, 10 international organizations and institutions, and 64 domestic and foreign exhibitors, who were experts that had been engaged in recycling metals industry for many years with rich experience, new entrants who were quick in thinking; some of them were knowledgeable theorists came from scientific research institutions, and some from industry giants that active in the forefront of the industry, they exchanged and shared in more fields and at deeper levels.

On the featured events of industrial pollution prevention and resource recycling capacity building, with the theme of “Green Innovation Collaboration Sharing”, the participants from ASEAN countries exchanged in-depth views on environmental protection, resource recycling, solid waste disposal and other issues, Ms. Shi Qingmin, Deputy Party Secretary of China-ASEAN Environmental Protection Cooperation Center; Mr. Tie Gong, the Minister Counsellor of the Royal Embassy of Cambodia; the Department of Ecological Environment of Guangdong Province and Mr. Wang Jiwei, Secretary General of CMRA, , etc., made keynote speeches. Hon Wo Recycling (Holdings) Limited, Zhaoqing Southern Aluminum Recycling Co., Ltd and Delta Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd made the special practice sharing of recycling metals industry. Through participation and observation, the Environmental Protection Department officials of ASEAN countries had more intuitive understanding of China’s recycling metals industry and enterprises, which were more conducive to China’s recycling metals industry “go out” strategic layout.

II. Specialization infuses new energy for the development

The keynote reports and seminars gathered 36 authoritative experts and business leaders including 9 heads of foreign well-known enterprises to bring wonderful reports, which were close to the theme, multi-dimensionally discussing industry high-quality development practices and capacity cooperation and “The Belt and Road” strategic opportunities and countermeasures, sharing domestic and foreign industrial development experience, that brought a lot of useful enlightenment. It also had high level of specialization that offer advice and suggestions for helping the global recycling metals industry to seize opportunities, seek innovation and make collaborative development in the new situation, and increasing the confidence and determination to promote high-quality industrial development.

III. Greening leads to a new future

At present, the world economic situation is uncertain, the international trade environment is deeply adjusted, China’s economic and social development entered into a new era, in this context, China’s recycling nonferrous metals industry should also adapt to the requirements of the new situation, and focus on promoting quality change, efficiency change and dynamic change of industrial development. We should adapt to the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, focus on promoting technological innovation, promote the application of advanced and applicable technologies, and enhance the level of green development of the industry. This is also the need to build a beautiful China.

Current, the greening synergy of China’s recycling metals industry is becoming more and more strengthened. Recycling metals enterprises had been named on the list of National Green Factory and Green Park. Recycling aluminum enterprises, cans enterprises and aluminum foil processing enterprises promoted the scrap cans’ warranty restore and green can making through the green manufacturing system integration, and recycling lead enterprises and battery enterprises are actively building a green supply chain. The upstream and downstream of industrial chain’s coordinated development is reconstructing the industrial ecological circle.

IV. Responsibility enhancesthe sense of mission and honor

During the 2018 annual convention, the “Third Metal Recycling Day Initiative” was issued, and delegates responded with signature, taking photos with background surrounded with 39 national flags and 2018 Annual Convention theme design “Like Recycling”. Said by the initiative, in 2017, the total amount of global recycling nonferrous metals is about 46 million tons, accounting for about 40% of total nonferrous metals consumption. Compared with the production of the same amount of primary metal, it saves the standard coal about 120 million tons, water 4.21 million tons, reduces the discharge of solid waste 3.3 billion tons, sulfur dioxide 1.04 million tons, carbon dioxide 430 million tons. Pains for the moment, gains for the millennia!

Mr. Ma Huizhi, Senior Vice President of Chinalco China Copper, as a representative of large state-owned enterprises and central enterprises in the field of recycling metals, said: recycling metals industry is an important part of the strategic emerging industry of environmental protection and energy saving, which is strongly supported by the State, will further strengthen responsibility, rely on primary and recycling resources, fulfill good corporate social responsibility, to strive to become a pioneer of green development, and social responsibility practice leader, to play a constructive role in the recycling metals industry globalization of high-quality development process. Mr. Zhou Feng, Associate Dean of Minmetals Institute for Economic Research, said: in recent years, Minmetals Corporation has also begun to strengthen research and layout in the environmental protection industry, including the recycling metals industry, to develop recycling resources market space, and to work together to create and develop the value of the reuse of urban mine resources. Mr. Yin Xuechun, Chairman of Southwest Aluminum (Group) said: for 20 years, Southwest Aluminum effectively practice the concept of green development, show the social responsibility of the central enterprises. The annual use of aluminum scrap has been increased from 20,000 tons to more than 200,000 tons, and in casting process the scrap use ratio has been increased from about 40% to more than 55%. Southwest Aluminum will continue to transmit market information, reflect responsibility, enhance the sense of honor, and boost business confidence.

V. The platform creates sharing economy and its perfect effect

(i) Policy advocacy platform leading industry development

Mr. Chen Quanxun, President of CNIA; Ms. Ma Rong, Deputy Director of Resource Saving and Environmental Protection Department of NDRC; Ms. Shi Qingmin, Deputy Party Secretary of the China-ASEAN Environmental Protection Cooperation Center; Mr. Di Di, Department of Operation of General Administration of Customs; and Mr. Xu Wen, Researcher of Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences of Ministry of Finance who interpreted the development prospect, industrial environment situation, international capacity cooperation ideas, green “The Belt and Road” industrial opportunities, tax reform direction and other industrial macro policies from different angles during the convention, leading enterprises to adapt to the trend, and make high-quality development.

In response to a few recent policies, Secretary General Mr. Wang Jiwei said: CMRA communicates with all parties many times, reflects environmental standards and import policy adjustment on the impact of the industry to the relevant national departments many times, organizes key enterprises to jointly discuss the revision of the revised draft law, and strives to provide a more targeted standard basis for the next step of raw material protection. At the same time, in view of the incomplete tax chain and heavy tax burden of domestic recycling enterprises, financial and tax experts are invited to conduct research to provide support for the adjustment of tax policy.

(ii) Business cooperation platform serving industry development

At the convention, CMRA and CTIT signed a strategic cooperation agreement to provide enterprises with overseas market development, investment investigation and other professional services; Hubei Lidi Machine Tool Co., Ltd and SGM Magnetics SA signed a cooperation agreement for the industry to provide equipment supporting services, resource integration and complementary advantages, to serve industry development. This convention signed a total of 2 cooperation agreements, reached the intention of cooperation, technical docking, equipment acquisition more than 10 items, the agreement amount reaches 30 million yuan.

(iii) Special promotion platform helping industrial development

On green technology and equipment promotion seminar which was set up at first time, 6 technology and equipment enterprises shared the enterprises’ research results, technology, standards, quality and new technology in the selection of raw materials, online testing, material innovation, additive applications, and intelligent sorting. With several methods, the effect is remarkable, promoting the promotion and application of advanced technology and equipment, also injecting new impetus into the development of industry.

(iv) Publicity and exhibition platform promoting industrial development

The degree of specialization of 2018 Annual Convention, the degree of physical display of exhibits, the international structure of exhibitors, as well as publicity and promotion, professional audience solicitation and buyers ‘ invitations, on-site reception services all made great progress. The biggest feature of this year was that in addition to the regular image display, video display of the latest equipment, application technology and high-end products, more than 10 enterprises moved equipment to the scene, set live demonstration and experience, the convention also specifically invited sorting equipment, refractories, solvent enterprises to join, constructed deep face-to-face communication platform for exhibitors and customer. After the exhibition, enterprises had booked booth of 2019 CMRA Annual Convention, until 9th afternoon, a total of 28 booths were sold.

Before the convention, official website instant information update, “CMRA Annual Convention Micro-newspaper” updates weekly, CMRA WeChat public number real-time follow-up, cooperation media synchronization publicity, domestic and foreign similar exhibition promotion, cooperation media live interview, especially CMRA joint LTIT, 91 Recycling held the “recycling metals supply and demand release” platform, and informed information live dynamic broadcast, was unanimously praised.

In the morning of 9th, in view of the long-standing problem of non-standard recycling of waste lead acid batteries in China, Ms. Ma Rong, Deputy Director of Resource Saving and Environmental Protection Department of NDRC, held a consultation meeting on “interim measures for the recycling and utilization of waste lead acid batteries” during the annual convention to exchange views and suggestions with enterprises.

Shanghai Futures Exchange had been concerned about the development of recycling metals industry, in order to fully understand the current situation of industrial development, innovation futures market, reasonable price forecast, reduce enterprise risk, during the annual convention, it jointly held the “2018 recycling copper industry research conference” and “recycling metals futures market innovation and development” seminar to understand the actual situation of enterprises and enterprise demand, to help the smooth development of enterprises.

CMRA Annual Convention Dinner took “interactive exchanges, enhance feelings, face docking” as the characteristics, wining lots of praise from guests. This year’s annual convention had a strong Cantonese flavor, cuisine integrated Chinese and western. “Chiho Welcome Dinner” site was set with Lingnan characteristics decoration, surrounded by Cantonese voice, Chiho shared its environmental protection experience, leading enterprise to do industry preview; “Yucheng Appreciation Dinner” carried out with Foshan characteristics supported by Huang Feihung lion class, it also conveyed trade transformation entity model interpretation on the spot … The world and Guangzhou met, Lingnan art’s unique charm and live exchange atmosphere poured out, more than 200 invited guests enjoyed dinner and wonderful performances, exchanged and discussed around the “The Belt and Road”, Chinese enterprises “go out”, import policy, technical solutions, equipment promotion, raw material trade, project cooperation, and the situation of 2019 and other hot issues.

CMRA Annual Convention from “raw material import and trade exchange”, “product output and technical equipment introduction”, “image display to physical demonstration”, to “international capacity cooperation and business docking”, “overseas layout and coordinated development”, reviewing of successive, CMRA Annual Convention achieved global interconnection, shared results, made common development, set up docking exchanges for raw material supply, processing and utilization, technical equipment, production accessories, financial investment, promoting cooperation and exchange in the global field, promoting advanced technology, technology, equipment and management experience, and driving the development of industrial upgrading.

“A single flower does not make a spring”. In the past 18 years, CMRA and CMRA Annual Convention had promoted the globalization of the recycling metals industry, together to witness mutual prosperity and development. No matter how the world changes, recycling metals industry has always been an uncompromising energy-saving and environmental protection industry, we should be proud to engage in the career of recycling. Let us work together to seek green development, make a new and greater contribution for global resource conservation and environmental protection!