Notification of on-site visiting for the 2017 Recycling Nonferrous Metal Industry


The 2017 CMRA Annual Convention will be hosted in the Ningbo Shangri-La hotel from 7th to 9th November. In order to promote better communications, we provide a good platform to share and exchange experiences for enterprises attending to the forthcoming 2017 CMRA Annual Convention. Convention organization committee takes whole heart to select visiting enterprises, spares no effort to organize event that is the on-site visiting activities of 2017 recycling nonferrous metal industry ” .

This on-site visiting covers different types of enterprises ,which includes waste smelting, aluminum dross recycling, casting automation equipment enterprise, the recycling of rare precious metal enterprise ,the innovative processing and use of recycling metal enterprise, the exploit of copper artwork enterprise and the processing and use of recycling copper industrial park.

Contact person : Joanne Liu   13501099861




Application Form for Onsite Visiting

Onsite Visiting Itinerary


                                30th Sep 2017